This is some of the Work WIRED4U has done

The Customer asked for LED lights either side of the wash basin, along the back of the bath (seen here with rubber ducks sitting on them, so appreaing to be lit) and along the floor in a line in front of the bath panel.
The Customer ask for the one ceiling rose to be removed and replaced with a line of wall wash recessed down lights, they also asked for LED lights to be fitted into the floor around their built in waldrobes.
Dinning Room1
Dinning Room2
The customer asked for wall washing recessed lights to be fitted to light their wall hangings (switched seperately from the centre light) they also had ceiling speakers fitted.
The customer got a mirror and had it sand blasted to create a panel in it - Wired4u then fitted the LED's and the heat pad behind the inner mirror before it was fitted into place.
The customer wanted rear surround speakers for their 7.1 surround system fitted into their ceiling, to points on the wall behind their A/V system.
The Customer wanted LED lights fitted into the stair treds and either side fo the door frames to the bedroom doors, and controlled by two time controlled movement sensors. One at the bottom of the stairs and the other at the top.